131 Best Unpopular Opinions That Are Going Crazy Over Internet

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Today the internet is going crazy with these vast number of unpopular opinions that are been made on various topics.

Do you even know most of them aren’t really logical when you think about it and it is more like a unfactual statement.

Where you been going over the internet to find such one’s for you? In this post I’m gonna talk about almost every thing that you might have heard off but didn’t gave much attention to it.

So, without any further ado let’s dive in for the unique list

But before I just list down some of the things let us know this area

What are Unpopular Opinions?

Unpopular opinions are basically a statement which are made on different area of interest or issue without any strong support of facts and such opinions do have a contradicting nature.

Sometime, you heard off something and you believe in for a moment but later you realize that it wasn’t that true.

Let’s make things more clear by listing it for the different areas

Unpopular opinions about life

Unpopular opinion about life

You cannot be successful if don’t go to school

People usually follow the trend just to be in the society

It’s just your life and you have all power on it

Childhood is the only most loveable part of your entire life

If you truly want something and you have made up in your mind you will get it

Trust can never be doubt

Your bestfriend never spill out your secrets to others

I always got everything that I asked for in my childhood

If you don’t care then nobody cares

Life is too long and things will happens according to your actions

You are cute like a new born baby

When you are with international friends then it will help you to improve your communication skills

This world will give you everything in this life

Bikes are more comfortable than the cars for traveling

The conditions of the poor people cannot be changed as they are adapted to that situation and environment for so long period of time

You should always go for a walk in the early morning for better health

Follow the billionaires and one day you will be billionaire

Unpopular opinions

If you don’t exercise enough you will probably become more lazy

You have nothing to do with my business and life

All the teachers by then in the school only used to love scholars and genius student and don’t take care much for the backbenchers

By learning something new you can achieve more

The first thing that girls look in a boy is their shoes and if it is of brand then they will consider you belonging from a rich family

Being rude and arrogant to others, the people will start behaving the same way

If you can laugh alone then you can live happily

Pains and suffering are personal and it cannot be felt by any other person

Having a degree will make your life more better

You need to be first in everything to become something in life

When you will send your child abroad to study then they will become independent

Getting a job is enough to feed and keep your family happy

Unpopular statements

You can get more typing speed on desktop as compared to mobile

If everyone would have make money from online then nobody will go to job

Common people cannot enter into politics

If you finished 12th grade then your life is settled

Doing a job of autorickshaw or taxi drivers are very easy for anyone looking for money

I used to help everyone but I’m not getting anything in return

Saying Sorry is very difficult task to do in life

Start reading books by famous authors if you want to become millionaire

Managing work life balance is very difficult

You can run a successful business all by your own

Best way to have pizza is to put ketchup over the top

Nothing worries you much when you are in an interview round for the first time

Being lazy is good because lazy people are the most creative people

Unpopular Opinions about relationship


In a relationship the men holds the greater amount of responsibility

When you are truly in a love with someone then it is very easy to influence either of the minds to get their relationship fights and finally ending up with a breakup

In a relationship love is enough to make your life smooth

Men’s are same and they can switch over to other girls easily

When you fall in love then you will become a different person and you are more confident in life

If you love someone then you can easily be judged by your behavior

Unpopular opinion about relationship

There are no sorrys and thankyou in a relationship

It’s just a girl who can take care of the family

I love you so much that I can do anything for you in life

When you love someone so deeply then you will get the same kind of love with that person

When you love your children so much and when it is their turn to take of you then probably they will not do it with so much love and responsibility

In love you won’t be aware about the surrounding and what’s happening in the outside world

When your best friend will fall into love with some then their priorities will change and they will give less attention to you

As an individual when you are in love with someone then it is easy for you to change your partner behavior

Being in a relationship is becoming very new way of life and to explore world with your partner

When you are in a relationship it is the best way to improve your personality

Common understanding is the best way to keep your relationship work for long and in better way

It’s always good to be silent when you have a fight with your partner

Saying I love you most of the time is the way to express your love in a beautiful way

In a relationship you cannot hide anything from your partner

Giving gifts to your girl is what you can do best thing to make her happy

Unpopular opinion

One of the best way to increase love between your partner is to eat together

Your relationship will teach you how to face the world and the different difficulties

As a female when you get married then your only job is to take of your children and get them well educated

When you been in a relationship for very first time then there are chances that your friends will try to find their partners too

If you don’t earn anything then probably you are going to ruin your relationship

Honesty is the only thing which will be judged in a relationship

Promises which are been made before the relationship and when you get into a relationship aren’t the same

There is always one friend in your life who can guide you the best in a relationship

You can always check the phone of your partner to ensure and test their honesty and loyalty

When you love someone and get into a relationship and then your love towards your  family will decrease

You need to have good enough experience of life to get into a relationship

Your relationship can become weakness of your life

 About food and drinks


Coffee is much more better than tea on the morning to get your day start in a good way

If you don’t eat breakfast then probably you will fell sick

Boiled eggs are better than the omelet for your meal

If you try to eat more regularly then you will end up being lazy and you will become fat at the end of the day

To make your food really taste better then you should try to eat your food with ketchup

You should have only 3 meals a day to maintain a healthy life

If you are drinking cold drinks than you will become fat and you will have round tummy

You should not drink water just before your meal

Unpopular opinion about food and drinks

Mayonnaise is the best option available to make your food little juicy and to make it more tasty

Rice is only felt good to have with dal

If you want to lose weight quickly then you should switch to liquid diet

Oreo taste better without the cream inside it

You can get more nutrition in vegetables as compared to other foods

Brown rice is best option for anyone to switch it from the white rice

Cottage cheese taste better than the chicken

There more coffee lovers in the world

Watermelon juice is better than the mango juice

If you eat dragon fruit than it shows your royalty

People just like Cadbury more over KitKat

Mashed potato is the best when you served it with ketchup

You should the bottle of your cold drink when you are left behind with very few quantity as this will help the taste go even more better

Ferroro rocher is highly priced just because of its great design

Barbeque chicken is the best way to have chicken as compared to other variation that it can be made and served

Having your food with spoon and fork shows that you are educated

The best food in India can only be found in Mumbai

Pav Bhaji is every Mumbaikars favorite dish item

Coffee is the best option for you that will help you to keep awake late in the night


Juice is the better option than to have a real fruit

Restaurant make better food and you can’t copy them at your house

Butter chicken is better than the Masala chicken

By drinking cold drink alone you can become full

Sprite and Mountain dew tastes the same

Spreading Nutella on bread is the tastiest breakfast you can have in the world

People think that Pespsi and Cola are the same

Drinking your favorite cold drink with a cup of ice is the best way to drink it actually

One bowl of noodles can make you full for the whole day

Mayonnaise is better than ketchup

Blackforest cake is the best cake you can have in the world

Ice cream cone is better than the ice cream slice

Khubz and scrambled eggs are the best combination you can probably make in a short amount of time

Unpopular opinions about society 


The society will treat you differently if you try to do something out of the normal routine that is accepted in life

The society is getting more digitalised to look up on others life

When the person has authority and power and if you disagree with him then that person’s follower will overpower you and will try to grab you down

We are living in a society which believes in equality in every aspects irrespective of any backgrounds

When you are staying alone and if you bring a girl to your house then this shows how bold you are as an individual

If you did something wrong by mistake then everyone treats you badly and in the same manner

Every old age people will try to analyze your life from their perspective and experience and will not realize the things from today’s generation

Young people think they cannot express their ideas to other just because of the society’s  limitations

If you don’t support the ruling party in a society then to live among those people will become very difficult

If you get into trouble with a female then people will always support the female even tough you might be right

You cannot live alone in this dramatically changing society as they will try to dominate you all the time

Unpopular opinions about society

Just because you are female then you are not allowed to explore new opportunities for better life

If you are not engaging with people then others will form an image about you that you are in introvert and likes to live alone

When you are trying to get married then what does the boy do is the first question that will come up in everyone’s mind

The girls should sit at the home and the boys should go to work and earn some money for their family

The one whom you trusted the most will one day leave you for small reason

Final Words

All the above mentioned unpopular opinions are not pointing out to anyone in person. All these statement are just for you to get back those memories when you used to heard off those things.

Preety much everyone has comeup with different such kinds of opinions for which it will stop you to think for a moment.

But anyhow you know that they are true in 100%

Everyone has their own perspective to look for the life and analyze it by their own way.

That’s it from the post.

I hope you liked these unpopular opinions and I’m sure that from all the list I just mentioned you might have heard many of them.

Some of them might be new to you and from that you can know the world and people from different areas and their ability to relate the things.

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